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whats at stake

While new and beneficial ways to integrate voice with the Internet are being invented every day, there are several problematic policy proposals that would limit your freedom to speak. Some proposals, rather then trying to embrace and nurture tomorrow's VoIP technologies, are instead trying to force Internet communication technologies into old regulatory boxes meant for last century's phone companies. They have the effect of limiting consumer opportunities and broadband benefits. These proposals collectively would force Internet enabled web sites to:

What would these policy changes mean?
  • These issues have the potential to eliminate services that are today offered for free as part of websites, blogs, software, and games.
  • They would allow rural phone companies to block your calls to friends, families and loved ones.
Before most Americans even know they have a voice, powerful special interests want to take away your voice. Together these proposal could stall, stifle or even stop the exciting new voice communication technologies now making there way to the Internet. They could limit your ability to speak and be heard on the Internet. The problem is, most policymakers aren't aware of the many ways the Internet is transforming voice. So they think everything is just another telephone. And that's why we're asking you to get involved.

Its about whether you will have access to the innovative new features and capabilities that the Internet has to offer, or whether your voice will be limited to the phone services of the past. Stand up and fight for your freedom to speak!


Hear about some of the key issues:

Consumers are better off when communication technologies are allowed to advance and innovate. That's why we are asking you to help make sure we don't end up back with tin-can communication policies for the 21st century. can to can voice calling


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